Unleash Your Inner Music Lover: A Guide to Finding the Best Upcoming Bands in Bexar County, TX

As a music enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting bands in Bexar County, TX. And let me tell you, this county is a goldmine for talented musicians and bands. With its diverse population and rich history, Bexar County has become a hub for various music genres, making it the perfect place to discover some amazing new bands.

Why Bexar County?

Bexar County, located in the heart of Texas, has a vibrant music culture that is deeply rooted in its history. From country to rock, hip hop to blues, you can find a diverse range of genres being performed by local bands in this county.

And with so much talent and passion for music, it's no wonder that Bexar County has become a breeding ground for upcoming bands.

Where to Look?

The first step to finding upcoming band performances in Bexar County is knowing where to look. And in this digital age, the internet is your best friend. There are several websites and social media platforms that can help you stay updated on the latest band performances in the area.


is a popular platform for finding events and concerts happening in your area. You can easily search for bands in Bexar County, TX and filter the results by date, genre, and location.

This makes it easier to find upcoming performances that match your preferences.


is another great platform to stay updated on local band performances. Many bands have their own Facebook pages where they post about their upcoming shows. You can also join local music groups or follow event pages to get notifications about upcoming performances.


is a website and app that specializes in tracking live music events. You can search for bands in Bexar County, TX and get a list of upcoming performances along with ticket information.

Local Venues

If you prefer experiencing live music in person, then checking out local venues is the way to go.

Many bars, clubs, and restaurants in Bexar County regularly host live music events. Some popular venues to check out include The Rustic, The Aztec Theatre, and The Paper Tiger. You can visit their websites or social media pages to see their event calendars and find out which bands will be performing. Additionally, don't forget to keep an eye out for local festivals and events happening in Bexar County. These events often feature live music performances by both local and national bands.

Some popular festivals in the area include Fiesta San Antonio, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, and San Antonio Beer Festival.

Local Music Blogs and Magazines

If you want to stay updated on upcoming band performances in Bexar County, following local music blogs and magazines is a must. These publications often feature articles and event listings for local bands. Some popular ones include San Antonio Current, San Antonio Magazine, and SA Sound.

Word of Mouth

Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of word of mouth. If you have friends or family members who are also music lovers, ask them if they know of any upcoming band performances in Bexar County.

They may have heard about a show or know someone in a local band who can give you more information.

In Conclusion

Finding upcoming band performances in Bexar County, TX is not as difficult as it may seem. With the help of the internet, local venues, and word of mouth, you can easily stay updated on the latest music events happening in the area. So go out and support your local bands and discover some amazing new music!.